Organising Your Corporate End Of Year Party

Being chosen for the organizing committee of your corporate dinner dance or end of year event can be both a blessing and somewhat of a curse too in some cases. Helping to organize your offices end of year event can be a lot of fun if you are very close to your colleagues and if you have a good organising team in place to help with organizing the event.

Some of the plus points and benefits of being on the organising committee include the freedom of getting to choose the theme of the event and the freedom to choose the different activities that will happen at the event so that you will not be forced to take part in activities that you are not interested in. On the other hand however you will now be expected to put together a grand event within a very limited budget which can be extremely challenging. You will now need to come up with creative ways of putting a party together without spending too much money.

Choose a theme for your event

The first thing that you and your organizing committee team will need to do is to choose an event theme. You could choose to do anything from Hawaiian night, a Brazilian night or even a car themed night. You will then need to allocate expenses for entertainment, food, location and the many other things involved with hosting an event. For a Brazilian theme night you will need to hire good Samba dancers as entertainment and you will need to buy various Brazilian themed decorations.

You will need to keep in mind however that many of the dance routines and outfits associated with Brazilian entertainment and Samba dance may not be suitable for children and family friendly environment. Therefore if your event is for the family and children of the employees in your company you may not want to have a Brazilian themed event. Another thing that you could choose to do is to have an event theme around the service or product that your company offers. This will not only serve as entertainment but it will also work as a sort of marketing strategy for the invitees at your event and also as a form of motivation for the employees of your company.

If your company deals with technology and IT related products you can choose to have an event that is technology based or futuristic themed. A quick search on the internet will reveal hundreds of exciting and interesting ideas for decor and even set up for a future themed event.