Fun Dating Ideas For Couples

If you are looking for ideas on where to take your partner on a date, then there are plenty of options that you can choose from. If you aren’t looking for ideas such as going out for the movies or dinner or lunch dates, then you consider the following options which could be a lot more interesting.

Activities that make you work together

This can be one of the most fun dating ideas as it will have the both of you working together. One such example could be one such as rush escape game, which is a popular game in Australia, which has you working out together to identify clues which can help you with your escape from the escape room Melbourne. This is also a great idea if you are having relationship problems, as it will help you put those aside and work together instead. Another similar option to this is going on a treasure hunt, which also has you working together to solve a puzzle. Try not to get too competitive with this however and just remember that you are both out there to have fun.


There are plenty of sports activities that you could take part in. These can either be team based sports such as football or cricket, or one on one sports such as tennis or badminton. The latter will probably be the easier one to organize so it would most likely be the preferred option of the two. You should talk to your partner to find out which sport or sports that he or she enjoys playing and try to pick one from that. However, don’t be afraid to try out a sport that you two have never played before, as it could make for a fun experience as well.


The arcade is quite a popular option for having a date. Just like the escape rooms, you could play a game which has you working together. Some of the popular genres for these types of games are shooter games and puzzle games. You could also try playing games that will have you competing against one another, such as the racing games or various other physical games which you may find at the arcade. However, when playing against each other, you should not get too serious with the competition as it is not about proving who’s better.