Considering Buying A New Vehicle Soon?

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Buying the vehicle of your dreams is something everyone looks forward to. Time changes so many things and the new car that is “in” also keeps changing. A few decades ago it was fuel based cars, a few years ago it was hybrid vehicles, and now the norm and the trend is to have an electric vehicle.

What is your choice?

If you are truly in to going green, the electric vehicle is the ideal option. Fuel is a depleting resource and it is estimated that the current stock of fuel will only last a few more years. On the other hand, electricity can be developed from solar power, wind, water like natural resources which, hopefully, will be around for some time. Even though fuel is not sustainable, if your choice is the vehicles that run by fuel – the real “muzzle” cars – then there is no other choice. You will have to go for one of those beasts. Don’t forget to check on the fuel efficiency as a mile per liter is old school; even the hard core vehicles as such now can do more distance per unit of gas. If you do go for one, talk to lawyers for insurance claims and about environmental affect one of those can have on your surroundings.

Fuel Vs Electric cars

This is an age-old argument; when the hybrid vehicles were produced as a solution to the depleting fuel resources, it was criticized on the fact that the lithium batteries – which were used in hybrid cars- were made in such a way that it harmed the nature. Fuel vehicles always have the argument against it with the resources being used up too fast hence no crude oil is going to be available for the future generations. However, apart from charging spots not being available as you please, electric cars have fewer points of criticism compared to both other vehicle types. As a single person you can take in to a lot in to account apart from the source of gas, though. If the fuel efficiency suits you, if the cost of electricity is something you can manage with ease, driving pleasure, space inside the vehicle, does it fit your objective such as transporting kids and family etc.

Be considerate of costs

Remember a car is not an investment. Unless you plan to use it for commercial purposes such as hiring. However today with all the uber and similar apps being available, it is not so difficult to hire it yourself and earn some money as well. Anyway you need to be careful about insurance law if you are rehiring it. There could be a bigger premium and a longer time period to process things with some legal hindrances. Maintenance and running it are the main costs, resale values can be higher, but it cannot be guaranteed that you will have the opportunity to sell it and have a profit as wear and tear will be imminent. Managing your finances is not easy. But if you have a proper plan on anything, buying a vehicle, purchasing a house, etc. you can always be on the top of it.

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