How To Plan The Best Sweet 16 Party?

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A sweet sixteen party can be quite exciting to plan because it is the party that marks the passage of girl to her early adulthood. Hence why people go all out for it. And it indeed cannot be taken light. Hence why a lot of planning and details is involved in the process.First thing you need to do is decide on a date. Most people would love to have the party on their actual birthday but it necessarily doesn’t have to be. It can be after the birthday so that it falls on a holiday and you can make sure that all your family and friends will be able to make it. After picking the date you can choose a venue. If you are hoping for a big guest count then you need quite the big space. You can go for a ballroom, yard or even hire the local park. Then you need to arrange your grand entrance, you need to do the relevant party van hire because you’re grand entrance sure does matter on your sweet sixteen.Then you need to know who exactly you want in your guest list. If you want to go all out and have a massive crowd then it’s the perfect time. You can have quite the elaborate guest list.

Make sure you have transport sorted out if your venue is quite far from your local area you need to hire a couple of VW transporter kombi to transport your guests to the location. After this you need to send out you’re save the date cards. After which you can decide the theme and send out the invitationsDuring the planning process you need to pick out the theme that is what is going to make your party memorable for the guest. Make sure you discuss ideas with your friends and family. Get inspiration for the internet and magazines. After which you decide on the decorations and the entertainment. No sweet sixteen is fun with good entertainment make sure you hire the right dancers, entertainers and DJs.

Think about what you will be wearing because you are the center of attention. It all depends on the theme of the party. Make sure your best friends are there to help you out and help you coordinate the party. If you would like to give party favors to the guest then that’s amazing. It is sign of a good hostess to send the guest away with favors. It could be candy jars or even mini goodies. This is all what will make your sweet sixteen a blast.

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